The Blood & The Rose Faith Formation Guide #2


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Our objective in this Messenger Eagle Study Guide is threefold:

To examine the reality of evil, the person of Satan, and the duty we have to engage in the spiritual battle as understood in the light of Catholic teaching.

To consider the all-too-human reaction to evil, the fear and doubt that are born of weakness and how we must overcome it.
To reflect more deeply upon the life and example of Our Lady’s messenger eagle, St. Juan Diego, a model of humility whose faith-filled yes to the Virgin of Guadalupe’s call opened the way for the Light of Christ to shine in a culture shrouded in the darkness of evil.

At the conclusion, we will emerge from the pages of this, the second part in our series study guides, better prepared for battle and ready to rush with childlike trust into the maternal embrace of she who said, “Understand that I have many to whom I must entrust the delivery of my message and the fulfillment of my will, but it is you in particular who must plead my cause…”

Testimonials from Group Study Participants

Ann said, "Film was extremely well done! The study guide was truly informative, and I found myself totally consumed in a wonderful way! I don't know how they could have improved on this study".

Paul said, "As a convert to Catholicism I admit that I didn't understand and even distrusted the concept of Marian devotion. This DVD and Study Guide has gone a long way to dispelling my misunderstandings and distrust."

Agnes said, "It made me examine my relationship to Mary and realize how much I already have her involved in my prayer life, but realize how much more I need to grow in having her a part of my life in general"