Harvesting The Fruit- Part IV


NOTE: Parts I, III, IV and V are included in Harvesting The Fruit of Vatican II: The Four Constitutions, which only excludes Part II.

PART FOUR: A critically important, eye-opening and spiritually enriching journey into The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy – Sacrosanctum Concilium; through which the Council Fathers lay out their vision for authentic liturgical reform. Among the crucial discoveries to be made in PART FOUR: Exactly what the Council means by “fully conscious and active participation on the part of all the faithful,” the value and meaning of liturgical signs, the true nature of sacred music and much, much more.
In Five Straightforward, Easy-To-Use Lessons: $19.50

Everyone knows that Vatican II changed the Mass, right? For example; things like the practical elimination of the Latin language, the new orientation of the priest who now commonly faces the people, the introduction of popular music, the reception of Holy Communion in the hand, the removal of altar rails and statues from our Churches, etc. But are these the sorts of changes the Council Fathers had in mind? You may be surprised at what you will find in Sacrosanctum Concilium, as well as what you won’t find…

In addition, participants will receive much needed catechesis concerning the true nature of the Sacred Liturgy – an action of Christ the High Priest that is no less than Heaven on earth. Those who have participated in PART THREE often say that they emerged with a renewed sense of awe, and can now see Holy Mass for what it truly is – the Sacred Mystery through which the work of our redemption is accomplished.