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On December 9, 1531, the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to Juan Diego, an ordinary man of extraordinary faith. Juan Diego humbly embraced the call to serve as a Messenger Eagle. Today this apparition is known as "the Virgin of Guadalupe." The beautiful miracle of that day is chronicled in this story that begins with Mary's faith filled yes. This eternal struggle of good versus evil is the battle for our souls.

A feature length theatrical documentary shot on location in Mexico and Spain, The Blood & The Rose offers riveting interviews with top experts in the fields of science, history and theology, exploring the mystery of St. Juan Diego’s Tilma and the miraculous image that it bears. More than just a story about a distant event, The Blood & The Rose - directed by Timothy Watkins (In the Face of Evil) with Executive Producer, Steve McEveety (The Passion of the Christ), and narrated by Eduardo Verastegui (Bella, For Greater Glory) - is an invitation and a calling to emulate St. Juan Diego in our own day, carrying the message of the Virgin of Guadalupe – Patroness of the Americas and Patroness of Life – into the culture in which we live.” 

Cast: Eduardo Verastegui, Karyme Lozano
Director Tim Watkins
Length, 97 mins

The Blood & The Rose is beautiful and very moving. I learned a lot. These are indeed rough times for the Church. We are being purified and our Blessed Mother will take care of us. The film will be a great source of inspiration for many.

Most Reverend R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City, IA

User Reviews

13 February 2013 | by Jennifer Schmidt

 I saw this movie with my 13 year old daughter, and we both were blown away. It is told very beautifully and accurately, plus has more detail about the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe than I've seen in all other sources combined. The providence of God as holding all of history in His good hands is stunning. The gentleness and love of Our Lady is heart-melting. The hardness of the hearts of man as seen in the backwards and upside down theology of the Aztecs which led to war and human sacrifice is clear (and is dangerously being repeated in our modern times). God's mercy and grace alone are our only hope, but He gives it gladly through humble souls, the humblest of which is Our Blessed Mother and the devout St. Juan Diego. I strongly recommend this incredible and life-changing movie!

11 November 2013 | by Janet Rolewicz

 This is a truly remarkable film that I wish everybody would see and understand. I personally have watched this film 4 times and plan to watch it again and again. Something I haven't done with any other film. This film is an evangelization film if ever there was one.

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